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康明斯柴油发电机组 Cummins diesel generator set
Cummins diesel generator set

康明斯柴油发电机组分为东风康明斯发电机组(15kw-200kw)和重庆康明斯发电机组(200kw以上)东风康明斯发电机组(CUMMINS):又称美国康明斯,中美合资东风康明斯B、L、C系列四冲程柴油发动机;柴油机 [Features] The components of Cummins diesel generators are Dongfeng Cummins generator set (15kw-200kw) and Chongqing Cummins generator set (above 200kw). Dongfeng Cummins generator set (CUMMINS): also known as Cummins in the United States, Sino-US joint venture Dongfeng Cummins B, L, C Series four-stroke diesel engines; diesel engines

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玉柴柴油发电机组 Yuchai diesel generator set
Yuchai diesel generator set

玉柴柴油发电机组质量是国产机器里面较好的,和上柴股份柴油发电机组可以说是并驾齐驱,均为国产发电机组高质量、高效率的产品,但是玉柴和上柴发电机组在价格上也有些差别,要针对功率,小功率 [Features] The quality of Yuchai diesel generators is better than that of domestic machines. It can be said to be on par with the diesel generators of Shangchai Co., Ltd. Both are high-quality and high-efficiency products of domestic generators, but the prices of Yuchai and Shangchai generators are There are also some differences in terms of power, low power

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Volvo柴油发电机组 Volvo diesel generator set
Volvo diesel generator set

Volvo柴油发电机组锋发动力设备生产的环保型机组发动机选用久负盛名的瑞典沃尔沃集团生产的电子喷射柴油发动机。 [Characteristics] The environmentally friendly unit engine produced by Volvo diesel generator front-end power equipment is the electronic injection diesel engine produced by the well-known Swedish Volvo Group. The company focuses on the production of power generation, special vehicles and marine diesel engines.

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大宇柴油发电机组 Daewoo diesel generator set
Daewoo diesel generator set

大宇柴油发电机组用户反馈评价其品质优良、性能可靠、运行维护成本较同类进口机低的多, 性价比较其它品牌国产进口机型相对领先。 [Features] Daewoo diesel generator set users feedback that it has excellent quality, reliable performance, operation and maintenance costs are much lower than similar imported machines, and the cost performance is relatively ahead of other domestic brands of imported models. Our company is the partner of DAEWOO diesel engine in mainland China.

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移动式柴油发电机组 Mobile diesel generator
Mobile diesel generator

移动式柴油发电机组设计独具创新,机动性高、重心低、制动安全、制造精良、外形美观。 [Characteristics] The design of mobile diesel generator sets is unique and innovative, with high mobility, low center of gravity, safe braking, excellent manufacturing, and beautiful appearance. The trailer frame is welded into a frame structure with slot beams, with reasonable node selection, high strength and good rigidity; it is also equipped with a leaf spring suspension structure; the trailer uses a height-adjustable pin-type traction frame

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低噪音柴油发电机组 Low noise diesel generator set
Low noise diesel generator set

低噪音柴油发电机组是引进国外低噪音发电机和发动机技术而精心设计的;设计理念先进,品种齐全。 [Features] Low-noise diesel generator sets are carefully designed with the introduction of foreign low-noise generators and engine technologies; advanced design concepts and complete varieties. In addition to the various functions of the series diesel generator set, the product also has the following characteristics: low unit noise, compact overall mechanism, and small space occupation

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600KW Cummins low-noise generator set completed

A 600KW silent diesel generator set purchased by our customer from Xinjiang has been successfully delivered. The unit adopts a joint venture of Chongqing Cummins Power, equipped with a Fengfa power brushless generator, and an external environmentally friendly mute box. The unit is applied to the bus ... view details +


Electronic speed regulation and machinery of Yuchai diesel generator

Many users often only consider the price when purchasing diesel generator sets, and they know nothing about many configurations and performances of generator sets. Even if they are the same model, the same power, the same configuration, if it is mechanical speed regulation and electronic speed regulation. .View Details +

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The difference between electronic and mechanical speed control of Yuchai diesel generator
Many users often only consider the price when purchasing diesel generator sets, and they know nothing about many configurations and performances of generator sets. Even the same model, the same power, the same configuration, such as ...
Diesel generator set ATS manual and automatic operation
The Chinese name of diesel generator set ATS is dual power switch. Under normal circumstances, diesel generators used as emergency power sources need to be equipped with ATS, many customers for diesel generators ...
Can diesel generators use biodiesel
Biodiesel refers to regenerative diesel fuel made from oil crops, aquatic vegetable oils and fats, animal oils, and catering waste oil through a transesterification process. Many years ago, international ...
Is the fuel consumption of the diesel generator set proportional to the load?
The fuel consumption of diesel generators has always been the focus of customer attention. Many customers directly inquire about the fuel consumption of diesel generators. The fuel consumption of generators is generally related to two aspects. One is the generator ...
Installation points of Cummins diesel generator set accessories
The diesel generator set accessory cylinder liner is embedded in the cylinder of the cylinder block, and forms a combustion chamber with the piston and the cylinder head together. The installation of the cylinder liner will affect the operation of the diesel engine.
Three points to verify before operating a diesel generator set
For the operator, before taking over the new diesel generator set, it is necessary to confirm three aspects before proceeding. So what are the three points to verify ...